Mechanical Repairs: If your car is damaged to the point that one or more of its many mechanical systems is damaged we are able to diagnose the problem and repair these systems.Your vehicle has many complex systems: Drive Train Regular Electrical, Cooling, Braking, Air Bags and Passenger Restraints Suspension Exhaust Your vehicles systems work together to make your vehicle operate correctly and safely. It is important to choose a repair center that can handle mechanical operations. Not all repair centers have the knowledge or equipment to perform these repairs. In some cases, these systems may need to be disabled or removed in order to perform other repair operations. Call us today at 713-450-2759 


What Types of Auto Electrical Repair Services Does Family Auto Center Offer?

When it comes to auto electrical repair, Family Auto Center offers a wide range of services. Family Auto Center Automotove Repair offers a 100% guarantee on all of their work. To request further information or to arrange a quote on the cost of your vehicle’s auto electrical repair, you are encouraged to contact Family Auto Center right away. The list of electrical repair services offered includes:

  • Auto Electric Repair – Auto electrical repair can encompass many different forms. From electrical wire troubleshooting to car generators and volt regulators, the qualified professionals at Family Auto are more than capable of handling whatever problems a vehicle might throw at them. You may rest assured that your vehicle is in capable hands.


  • Auto Computer Diagnostics – With auto computer diagnostic services from Family Auto Automotive Repair, your vehicle will receive a multi point inspection. From the checking of the level and condition of your vehicle’s transmission fluid to the checking of your vehicle’s upshift timing and quality, Family Auto Center auto electrical repair services have never been so comprehensive.


  • Check Engine Light Services – When the check engine light of your vehicle comes on, let Family Auto perform the repairs you need to get your vehicle back on the road. A check engine light can be caused by many different things, from problems with the mass air flow sensor to a cylinder misfire. Regardless of the reason why the check engine light has come on, Family Auto Center has the technical knowledge and tools to restore your vehicle to peak condition.


  • Charging System Service – The charging system of your vehicle could be described as the backbone of your vehicle. From the battery to the alternator, each component is a valuable element of your car’s charging system. Family Auto is capable of ensuring that each component of your vehicle’s charging system is in perfect order.


For auto electrical services and everything in between, motorists who know go to Family Auto Center. We has carefully constructed a legacy of expertise and trust. Our expert technicians and mechanics will correctly diagnose the problem, repair it right the first time, and back it by a comprehensive warranty. Do it right the first time with Family Auto Center Auto Repair.


Call us today at 713-450-2759  come up for a diagnostic / quote, we take first in first out  for our automotive electrical repair services. ​


We do anything on an engine as small as replacing a starter to replacing camshaft and hand with as well as crank shafts and rebuilt or new engines, we do timing belts, heads, reconditioning head gaskets, diagnosing internal issues


Replace all clutches up to 1 ton vehicle, resurfacing flywheel, replacement clutch, slave and master cylinders as well as diagnosis clutch operational problems.


We do full line of brake service and repair, bleeding the brake system, diagnosing a brake system that includes Anti brake system and mechanical brake systems, electronic brake systems will resurface and true rotors as well as replacement rotors, rebuild replace calipers and wheel cylinders as well as master cylinders and boosters. we do a full line of service on all makes and models